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360 Degree Feedback



Enhance the resilience and performance of your people.

Our 360° feedback suite and FREE coaching app unlocks the true potential of your staff, transforming feedback into dynamic, focused action. 


Our 360-degree feedback platform is designed to provide deep insights into your team’s dynamics and performance. But we understand that insights alone aren’t enough – the real power lies in actioning those insights. That’s why we’re offering our coaching app, Check1n, for free*. Check1n is the key to closing the loop between initial feedback and getting things done. It’s not just about understanding where improvements can be made; it’s about making those improvements happen. With Check1n, you can seamlessly transition from feedback to action, ensuring that the valuable insights gained are effectively put into practice, driving real change and progress for your people.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Get the best possible feedback in the least possible time

  • Simplicity Meets Excellence

    Our 360-degree feedback software isn’t just flexible and intuitive—it’s designed to deliver powerful insights seamlessly. No complications, just results.

  • Drive Personal Growth & Engagement

    Monitor personal development, empower your workforce, and cultivate a thriving workplace culture. Your team’s growth is now in your hands

  • Time is Valuable. Save It.

    Why get bogged down with the nitty-gritty of employee and leadership behavior management? With our 360° Internal Feedback, you can shift your focus to crafting strategies and coaching your team to success.

  • Dive Deeper with a Free Demo or Free Trial

    Curious? Experience the power of our software firsthand. Request a free online demo and consultation, tailored just for you or we can organise a free trial.

  • Test, Analyse & Implement

    Not sure where you stand? Test your Competency Framework and get a sneak peek with our sample reports—absolutely free!

  • Ready to Get Started?

    Fill in the form and we’ll be in touch. Alternatively you can call Chris on 01983 240600

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“My experience with CR Systems was quick, easy and efficient. They supported our need for quick turnaround without any real limitations due to borders and time. They understood our needs and customised their tools accordingly. Quite honestly, I have never had such an effortless experience with a vendor before. I would recommend CR Systems to anyone!”


Director of Derigo Consulting

Business Management Services