Performance Management

Performance Management Systems Are Changing

There’s a clear link between regular engagement and top-notch performance, and Check1n is designed to boost both. This tool enhances the frequency and quality of interactions between managers and their teams. Combining tech, processes, metrics, recognition, and personalised support, Check1n helps you achieve lasting and meaningful performance gains.


  • The core concept is a shift from the traditional top-down goal-setting approach, replacing it with frequent, brief progress reviews that boost both individual and team performance.
  • Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds: classic top-down and real-time objective setting and evaluation.
  • It’s a one-of-a-kind blend of innovative research, top-tier training, cutting-edge technology, personalised coaching, and tried-and-true management excellence.

What Is It?

Step 1 – Hearts and Minds

Win hearts and minds, and then keep the support going throughout the journey. Making a meaningful change means selling the advantages to everyone in the organisation. We do this through top-notch training and clear, effective communication.

Step 2 – Technology

Our tech solution is as simple and user-friendly as it gets, yet it’s laser-focused on tracking the key aspects of engagement. It consistently facilitates high-quality dialogues and results between managers and their teams. And the best part? It only takes 60 seconds a day or 20 minutes a week to make a big impact.

Step 3 – Behavioural Change

Performance transformation starts with behavioural change, and we get that. That’s why we include ongoing, professional, and independent coaching for everyone in your organisation. This keeps the momentum going and ensures each individual has a trusted source for support.

Step 4 – Engagement

Focus on fostering stellar engagement between managers and teams. Our approach keeps communication both streamlined and adaptable, allowing your organisation to swiftly react to short-term market shifts while maintaining sight of long-term objectives.

Step 5 – Performance

We offer continuous, real-time metrics to give you a clear snapshot of your organisation’s dynamics. This allows you to proactively monitor, evolve, and manage any issues that arise. Plus, our straightforward performance module is built on solid evidence and actions, not just opinions.

How It Works

There’s a strong link between regular engagement and exceptional performance, and that’s where Check1n shines. This tool enhances the frequency and quality of dialogues and meeting outcomes between managers and team members. By merging technology, processes, metrics, recognition, and personalised support, Check1n helps you instill and sustain the changes needed for meaningful performance gains.

Training Module

Inclusive and powerful catalyst to initiate change

So many technology lead solutions, no matter how simple or intuitive in their own right, are presented without being sold to individuals. If you are looking for significant (or even minor) change in performance it cannot be achieved by technology alone. There can be no lasting performance change without winning individual hearts and minds to effect positive behavioural change. We are so convinced of this approach that we will not release Chek1n without an organisational commitment to train everybody involved. In order to effect this we have developed a high impact training workshop to introduce Chek1n to the organisation.

Technology Module

“Little and Often” to embed change in the DNA

There have been significant advances in technological solutions for business over the last few years. Chek1n uses the latest advances, incorporating a range of technologies that supports individuals in the small things to ensure that organisations get the big things right. Like most great solutions, most of the clever stuff is under the skin; mobile frameworks, social recognition, remote working, personal support, data security works seamlessly whilst maintaining a simple and intuitive User experience that focuses exclusively on the process of driving great engagement between Managers and their teams.

Coaching Module

Continuous recognition and support

To reinforce the learning from the initial training, Chek1n provides a unique concept in continuous individual support and coaching. There are four levels of coaching available to suit individual and organisational needs.

Prompting: A User receives an e-mail on a regular basis from a professional coach who reviews the individuals progress and provides both positive recognition of progress as well as questions and suggestions as to how progress might be improved.

Interactive: Users can enter into dialogue about the Prompts with their assigned coach to help add detail and insight into the original communication.

I’m Stuck: This enables an individual to ask a coach for support at any time they wish. The discussion is e-mail based, although direct telephone coaching can be included as part of the process

Direct: The classic form of coaching based on one to one sessions where both parties meet and discuss the issues in a private environment.

This tiered approach enables organisations to offer some level of independent, professional coaching for every person. Up until now this has just not been an economically viable solution.

Engagement Module

The heart of Chek1n is about the quality and frequency of conversations between managers and each individual within their team. It is generally accepted that there is a direct correlation between the quality of one to ones and high performing teams, however recent research has discovered that the frequency of the conversations has just an important an impact. Chek1n provides a platform to drive and measure quality of conversations and the outcomes from them.

Chek1n meetings (20 minutes) are defaulted to occur weekly (although this can be changed to suit circumstances). The frequency, quality and outcomes for each meeting is measured by both Manager and Individual. Specific actions from Chek1n meetings are updated daily (60 seconds) by the individual in terms of progress and schedule. These simple metrics provide incredibly powerful insights into individual, team and organisational performance

Performance Module

Its about action and evidence

The final layer within Chek1n has two separate elements: Monitoring and Measurement

Monitoring enables coaches and organisations to proactively manage issues (eg gradual or sudden disengagement) that have hitherto not been visible.

Measurement is based on a very simple action based review that Managers complete on a regular basis. The review is forward looking rather than historically based and is about intention rather than opinion.