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How Would You Solve These Employee Dilemmas?

Ah, the life of a boss—never a dull moment, especially when it comes to navigating employee dilemmas. Think you've got the chops to handle these tricky situations effectively? Let’s put that leadership savvy of yours to the test. On your marks, get set, quiz!

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An employee shows signs of burnout but refuses to take time off, insisting they are fine. What's your move?

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Your team misses an important deadline, putting a project at risk. What's your course of action?

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One of your top performers asks for a raise, but budget constraints make it impossible. How do you respond?

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You overhear employees complaining about a recent policy change. What’s your next move?

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An employee has been consistently underperforming but blames it on personal issues. How do you handle it?

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