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How Would You Solve These Complex Employee Dilemmas?: The Advanced Quiz for Bosses

Well, you've tackled the basic employee dilemmas. Now, are you prepared for the intricate, nuanced problems that can tie even experienced bosses into knots? Let’s take the complexity up a notch and test your leadership mettle. Ready? Let's jump in!

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An employee shows signs of burnout but refuses to take time off, insisting they are fine. What's your move?

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You discover that an employee has been sharing minor but confidential company information with an industry friend. What’s your course of action?

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One of your employees openly criticises your management style but has valid points. How do you respond?

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Your team is divided over a strategic decision, and the disagreement is causing delays. What do you do?

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A high-performing employee is found to have violated company ethics but claims ignorance of the policy. How do you proceed?

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