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Things are looking good for HR Consultancies


Fair weather ahead for HR Consultancies and HR Professionals. According to HR Magazine1, an independent survey of HR firms showed that 93% expect to grow their business within the next 12 months.

The survey, carried out by HRi, a UK body for independent HR and people professionals, also showed that half (48%) had gained more clients during the pandemic, and two-thirds (65%) felt HR has become more credible in the face of COVID.

Mary Asante, director at HRi, told HR magazine that businesses are more aware than ever of the need for solid HR support. She added: “Our research shows us that there is scope for HR consultants to have greater confidence in what they offer to businesses, especially post-COVID.”

“However, independent HR organisations will have to continue to provide quality and reliable support to their clients to help them to align their people strategies with their business strategies, to stand out as good employers and also to remain legally compliant.”

Opportunities for growth bring their own challenges, not least how to scale your own operations whilst continuing to deliver top service to your clients. Now more than ever you need a reliable partner who has your back when it comes to implementation know-how and reliability.


How We Can Help


Over the last twenty-five years we have become experts in providing sophisticated solutions to support organisations make the most of their people.

We have a proven track record in working with HR Consultancies and helping them deliver top results for their clients.  We are intensely practical and everything we provide has proven benefits and ROI. We not only offer online tools and automation but also a depth of design and implementation know-how that is second-to-none in our market. We work in partnership with you, sharing the benefits of our extensive experience.

We work on a white label basis so you can offer an extended portfolio of proven and reliable online tools without the headache of needing to do research, development and maintenance.


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