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Transformative HR Tools: Unlocking Employee Potential

    As an HR professional, you understand the importance of having a diverse range of behavioral development tools at your disposal. That’s why we’re proud to offer our flagship 360° Feedback tool, along with a unique selection of development tools and services, to support the growth and success of your client organisations. Our comprehensive portfolio also includes corporate surveys that address crucial topics such as engagement, satisfaction, diversity, inclusion, well-being, and exit strategies.

    Recognizing that each organisation has its own distinct needs, we specialize in crafting custom solutions tailored to their specific requirements. We’re committed to continuous innovation, actively exploring new product ideas that originate from both our clients and our own creative thinking. In recent years, we’ve developed a cutting-edge Performance Management platform, Assessment Centre platforms that merge data from multiple sources, and even a Point of Sale survey solution that engages customers and offers valuable feedback on NPS and ENPS.

    We’re always eager to discuss the “art of the possible” and help you find the best solutions for your clients, so take a moment to explore the range and depth of our portfolio below.

     360° Feedback 


    A six step design service to customise the 360° Platform to a client’s needs. This can be very quick or very detailed. It covers everything from Competency Framework evaluation and development to
    Feedback culture and effectiveness, confidentiality protocols, User experience, Administration set up, report design and meta data analysis requirements.


    CR 360° Feedback

    Professional 360 Degree Feedback system.

    Our core 360° Feedback platform. We can do pretty much anything that is available on the market today … and perhaps a bit more.


    Pulse 360

    An extension to the core CR360 platform that provides individuals with a very short and completely customised Competency framework specifically aligned to their development. This provides timely and targeted feedback on development progress.



    A self-development platform that supports an individual from the results of their initial 360° report to making a difference in the workplace. It can also help to identify, very early in the process the potential success for any individual, so that appropriate support can be provided.


    Ready-To-Go 360° Packages

    Board 360°

    Boards are often clueless about what the organisation they lead thinks about them and how it responds to their leadership and initiatives.

    CR Systems understand the concerns around the ever increasing pressure on boards to “comply or explain”.  We have developed a simple three step process that enables boards to grow through the process of development and this offers a ‘high ticket’ consultancy opportunity for consultancies and HR professionals.


    Ready-To-Go Competency Frameworks

    Executive 360°

    Savvy organisations are keen to develop and grow their leaders. Part of developing robust and future proof organisations is developing trust between leaders and their followers.

    By supporting organisations to run a 360 Degree Feedback you will have the opportunity to create transparency and show your clients how to use it strategically for better management and leadership!

    Supervisor 360°

    A mission critical goal for most organisations is to enthuse and support their more junior staff to go to the next level.

    This provides a great opportunity for consultancies and HR Professionals to run programmes that make a real difference to organisations. 

    CR Systems provides the tools and tests to help employees take charge of their  behaviour and people relationships, so they can rise to the top!



    This is our core survey platform. We have been providing low cost Engagement and other surveys since 2006 on our own platform. This allows us to be flexible in terms of both design and administration. We were one of the first companies to provide both encrypted data and user tables within a survey, and continue to develop the features and functionality.


    Engagement Surveys

    Diversity Surveys

    Inclusion Surveys

    Wellbeing Surveys

    Satisfaction Surveys

    Psychometric Surveys

    Personality Surveys

    Sales Effectiveness Surveys

    Exit Surveys

    Assessment Centres


    Caters for both the classic Assessment Centre, where a number of Assessors will monitor a number of Candidates over a series of tasks and interviews, and then produce an integrated report, as well as the newer centres that are completed offline by a Candidate completing a number of tests, often from different publishers and then a single report being produced by merging all the different elements.



    This is an extension to the Assessment Centre solution where an Administrator can set up projects for internal staff or external candidates using a number of different tests from different sources and run all aspects of the project, from communicating with candidates to monitoring status at a glance and closing the project.

    Performance Management


    The fundamental idea to move away from classic top-down objective setting by linking regular, short progress reviews with higher engagement and improved performance for individuals and teams.

    This now provides both classic top-down as well as real time objective setting and review


    Data Analysis


    We have been creating custom visual reports for many years. We are also sometimes asked to provide specific data analysis of large and complex data sets. In recent years the trend to provide interactive online dashboards has accelerated. These are often very time consuming to design and expensive to run.

    We have developed a method to significantly reduce the design time and cost, and also to provide the client with the option of where to locate the dashboard. We have also developed our own dashboard capability where we can host dashboards at a significantly lower cost than the standard offerings (Microsoft, Tableau etc).