360° Feedback Process

Sophisticated tools to get the best from a 360° feedback process

We aim to support your clients get the best possible feedback in the least possible time

Our simple CR360 toolkit delivers  powerful, professional and flexible 360 Degree Feedback Reports. The system is simple to implement and gets results fast.

We have over 25 years experience of developing and delivering 360 Degree Feedback to a wide range of organisations and can add in-depth knowledge and expertise to your consultancy team.

Request a free online demo and project consultation and let us help you deliver superb results to your clients.

Typical 360 Degree Feedback Process

We are extremely flexible when it comes to implementation and can tailor our delivery to suit any special requirements. We can have a survey go live as soon as respondents are chosen and we have fully automated chasing of incomplete questionnaires too – taking the admin headaches out of the process.


Why consultants and HR professionals like CR360

User Focused. The end user experience is intuitive and simple, resulting in lower support overhead and higher responder rates.

Automatic Project Management. Once a project has been set up, no further intervention is needed through to report generation.

Your Branding and Logo. We can tailor the look and feel of your installation so that it integrates seamlessly with your site and brand, providing a consistent user experience and helping you to look bigger than you are!

Designed for HR Consultancies. CR360 has been designed so that individual HR Consultancies like yours can extend their offering without stretching resource. It provides you with the capability to service multiple clients, and allocate internal or external resource to manage individual client projects.

Fast Set Up. Standard templates, together with the streamlined set up and communication features typically enables complete projects to be set up in 30 minutes or less.

Completely Customisable. CR360 can create all types of questionnaire and report, for any kind of audience.

Common sense English, not management speak. From competences, attributes to questionnaires and communications have all been edited and approved by the Plain English Society.

We are your partners never your competitor. CR Systems do not provide consultancy services; we work with and provide services for HR consultants. We are happy to recommend consultancies for any particular aspect of competence framework development, personal and group development, coaching and mentoring.

Intuitive Yet Sophisticated Reports

Clearly presented in complete blocks. Understand and learn the results in a time-efficient manner.

Easy to follow.  The CR360 Degree Feedback Report is intuitive with the ability to drill down from high level to low level data. 

Flexible reporting features allow you to mix and match any combination of demographic variables for inclusion in the report. But just so you know, our standard report is considered so good that over 90% of our clients use it straight ‘outof-the-box’!

Supporting workbooks, and process flow options together with a simple traffic light system.

Professional assistance all the way. Our technical support team and behaviour analysis expert reviews the outcome beforehand and is on stand by to instantly help if needed.