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C R Systems

 CR Systems Ltd is a registered company in the UK and has been designing and administering bespoke people related
questionnaires, surveys and development tools since 1996.

We are the “tech” guys that are usually kept in dark rooms and rarely see the light of day. Our job is to enable our client to provide their customers (whether internal or external) with individual and team feedback and development tools that fit their specific culture and development requirement perfectly.

Every client has different needs, some minor and some major, and we tailor our solutions to match both the process
and resource requirements as closely as possible within the constraints of budget and time. We often develop specific functions or processes just to meet an individual client’s needs.

In terms of process, our solutions are the culmination of over 25 years of development. Our 360° Feedback platform in particular is one of the most fully featured in the market today in terms of features, options and flexibility of solution framework.

Our clients’ needs differ greatly not just in the functionality of their solution but also in their support requirements; from those who, due to resource or time limitations, require complete Administrative and Technical support for every project to those who have the time and resource to train and allocate staff and wish to be completely self-sufficient. To this end we also offer a wide range of support and administrative solutions. Over 85% of all our clients prefer a solution where we manage pretty much everything but they have instant overview of progress.